About Us

Traveling is something we enjoy.  Discovering Aruba in 2005, we have been able to make this part of our annual vacation destination sites.  The Caribbean is full of great countries and islands but what makes Aruba more  fascinating is the governments commitment to use tourism as its key economic cornerstone.  Once you visit, you can see the stark difference of similar islands, but with the infrastructure that makes  visitors comfortable.  As an example, the same jeep type vehicle we rent in Aruba for under $300 for one week, cost over $1,100 in Belize – same vehicle

Dahaitsu Jeep (Corozol Bay)
Dahaitsu Jeep (Corozol Bay)


Over the years we have attempted to capture our treks with photo essays and vlogs.  We have never been disappointed as each year we have been able to discover new things.  Although Aruba treasures tourism there is plenty of culture.  Year after year you can see improvements but the essence of the culture can still be witnessed.

Fredy & Judith
Fredy & Judith

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