Aruba 13 – Memorial Day Week 2018



Aruba 2018 was another great experience we were blessed to take part in. SoulBeach2018 continues to keep out doing itself and this year had the largest crowd we have ever seen. Over the years, they keep getting better and better; with logistics and quality of entertainment.



rick and donna
Rick and Donna Kelley – Moreno Valley, CA


The Kelley Tribe

Through the years we have offered Aruba to many friends and family. Most show an enthusiastic response in joining but few make the financial commitment to see for themselves why this island has become our second home. Rick and Donna Kelley broke all records this year has they had almost twenty in their party (we are still trying to track down Rick’s cousin from the Marriott resort – does she exist??? – LOL). So, thanks to Rick and Donna for sharing their family with us and allowing them to complement the blessing we all received during our stay:

Rick – Donna – Moe – Nikki – Devani – Domonique –

Rev. Jeffrey – fiance – Donna’s sister – Aunne – Devin

Kim and other’s whose name escapes us.

Through the years we have been blessed to develop our Aruba family and it is always great to connect:

Jorge (SmartRent) – Joop and Jenny (Surf Club Executive Management) – Claudia (Vacation Club management) – Orline (Marriott Aruba Management) – Amayra & staff (Aruba Tourism Authority) – Laticia Routen (Big Mama’s) – Shawn, Louis and crew (Surf Club) – Black Charlie in San Nicolas – Jerome (Arubian Taste)


2018 was such a blessing, plans are already under way for 2019.


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